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The Hollywood espresso machine is inspired by the revolutionary influences that invaded American cinemas in the 70s: from Easy Rider to Taxi Driver, it takes us on a journey through the cinematic culture of an iconic decade. 
Five pop-art colours for compact, fluid curves. Characterised by bold stripes and cinematographic LED lights. The shot timer, which indicates the extraction time for each individual group, has been improved, along with the new, steam wands with a wider diameter. The flap racks means it can be used not just for espresso cups but also for glasses for latte-based drinks. In the SAE version it’s possible to pre-programme six doses.

Precision timing is the key to making espresso.
The Shot Timer, displaying extraction times, has been further developed to achieve maximum accuracy for each group head and set the perfect timing for each beverage and type of coffee.

Top-quality in the cup
The steam wands, crucial for achieving quality milk frothing and foam, have a larger diameter for better delivery. Furthermore, the machine can be used for both espresso cups and glasses for milk-based drinks.

An ode to film icons
Hollywood is a machine with a stylish and sensational design that gives character to any environment in a unique way. This is why Simone Caputo, a tattoo artist and illustrator from Milan, has created six exclusive posters, inspired by five unforgettable movies, that capture the culture, colours and mood of the seventies through flowing text and illustrations in alternating browns, oranges and reds.

Display features
• Shot Timer
• LED work light
• Large diameter steam nozzle
• Doses
• LED back panel
• Flap rack in each group

Standard features
• 2 steam wands
• 1 automatic hot water faucet
• AWR (Automatic Water Refill)
• raised groups
• Astoria filter-holders
• electronic cup-warmer
• LED lighting of work space
• LED lighting on the rear panel
• built-in motor-pump

• Mixed hot water outlet
• Autosteamer
• ACMS Astoria Cloud Management System

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